What the Heck is a


We get asked that . . . a lot.
Let us tell you!

We get this question all the time – What the heck is a Zuggand?  Well, normal people ask us “Zuggand, that’s an interesting name, how’d you come up with it?”  (normal people are so nice)

Laughing is our first response.  Not because it’s a funny question but because the process of coming up with a company name was so funny and a huge chore.  Every time someone asks us this question we think about Silicon Valley Season 1 Episode 3.

If you are easily offended and / or at work, you shouldn’t watch this video.

Warning! This video contains some graphic language.

It all started with one word - Change!

Three Coins Held Together By Three People

We had a couple of key objectives in coming up with a company name.

  • We didn’t want Phil Kiran Aaron (PKA) Consulting or any variation of our names.
  • We needed a name where we could find our own domain name that wasn’t taken and preferably a .com domain.
  • We didn’t want any technology words in the company name because we might pivot our direction and do something crazy down the road (and for all the reasons in the video above).
  • We wanted something unique, because we are pretty unique.
  • And we wanted something that tells a good story about who we are! We are passionate about “change” and believe it can be a source of energy, innovation and survival!
English to German Translation of "Train"

What does it mean?

We used all sorts of methods, tools, websites, even our kids, but it finally came down to this. Using Google Translate we got very creative (and a little loopy – see video above). We started mashing up all sorts of words. Here is what we ended up mashing together.

Train (like a Train Engine) in German is Zug!

Change in German is Veränderung or ändern!

When you throw Zug and ändern together you end up with Engine of Change – or Zuggand! We are a little loose with our translations and we heavily use fuzzy logic:


We aren’t a German company, we just wanted a cool name!

How do you say it?

When we came up with Zuggand, we never imagined how hard it would be for some people to say. We’ve heard it all in our short history of our awesome company. We will not call any of you out specifically, but we figure we’d just set the record straight and make it easy for those of you afraid to ask how to say it.

Zugg like Tug!

And as in, well and!

Now you know what the heck a Zuggand is and how to properly call it by name.  You can also learn more about what we do and our approach if you are interested. If this is still too confusing, an easy greeting for anyone that works at Zuggand is “Zup”?


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