We Love Startups!

April 9, 20210

We Love Startups!

From one startup to another, We Love You!  Ok – get past the cheese here – seriously we are a startup and have worked with over a hundred different startups since we started Zuggand. Working with startups is the best! The passion, creativity, drive and genius is so inspiring!


We totally get that running a startup is fun and rewarding, but can also be very challenging. Refining your business model, aligning your offers to your customer’s needs, developing products, optimizing operations, and managing cash flow are just a few things you do everyday before most people get out of bed!  Let’s face it, if you want to change the world, you need to work as smart as you possibly can and have some really amazing friends help you along the way!


AWS – Kickass For Your Startup

I could wow you with how many amazing startups got started on AWS.  I could amaze you with cool startups using AWS to grow.  All of that is true but I think you already know about Netflix, AirBnB and so many other AWS success stories.


Instead let’s cover some very basics as to why AWS is kickass for your startup. You only pay for what you use! You can start with one server and scale globally with a few clicks.  Pretty much any capability you need to run your core infrastructure is available.  In fact, I’d argue that AWS now has so many amazing capabilities that it’s pretty overwhelming as to where to start sometimes and what capabilities you need to accelerate your innovation.


Our Approach

Every startup needs their core cloud infrastructure. It needs to be secure, flexible, reliable and optimized.  You don’t want extra bells and whistles that drain your funds.  You also don’t want to spend 3-12 months becoming an AWS cloud expert to set it all up.  We can have your entire AWS environment setup and running in as little as a couple of hours depending on what you need.


Next you want to architect your solution using modern infrastructure.  By using containers, serverless capabilities and microservices you can keep your costs significantly lower, dramatically improve your reliability and expeditiously reduce your operations.


You also want to start building a DevOps or DevSecOps culture from day 1.  You want to be agile, use great coding processes, test early & often and make deployments easy.  This is especially the case if you are working with remote developers or outsourcing some of your development work.


Security is always job zero and you need to be building a zero trust approach in everything you do! This is especially important if you are developing solutions in highly regulated industries dealing with healthcare, credit cards, financial information or otherwise confidential information. This is also a huge factor when it comes to securing additional funding or selling your company. We can help you with your security, risk and compliance needs.

Lastly, you need to work smart and extend your team where it makes sense! If you want to allocate $161K to hire a Senior AWS Cloud Architect – awesome!  You might need a couple while you’re at it depending on what you are building and how fast you want to go.  Or you can work with a fantastic partner, like us to be part of your team. We have some extremely flexible and affordable programs that are designed to grow as you grow.  We can be your cloud expert, so you can spend your time building real customer value! 


AWS Partnership & Funding

We’ve been an AWS Advanced Partner for over four years.  We work daily with dozens and dozens of amazing AWS employees.  Every customer project we work side by side with AWS.  This comes with a ton of perks for you. Access to resources, training, experts and even funding!  (Yes I said money! I probably should have put this at the top of the article)  AWS has some amazing programs to help you accelerate your startup.  They have programs to work with every type of startup too!  If you are bootstrapping, self-funding or getting some serious formal funding there are some cool options for you.


About Zuggand

Zuggand is an AWS Advanced Partner, headquartered in Chandler Arizona. We started as an AWS customer running a huge IT shop.  We started Zuggand and started helping our customers with AWS projects and now ALL WE DO IS AWS. So we’re pretty much AWS experts!  If you’re curious you can learn more –

What the Heck is a Zuggand? 

And about The Z Way!

Most of our team is in Arizona. We started doing business in AZ, expanded to California, then the southwest and now we are working with customers in 19 states and 6 countries outside of the United States.

We have experience that is relevant to what you need.  We’ve designed our approaches to be fast, agile and affordable!  Our team is amazing and you’ll enjoy working with them.  We’d love the opportunity to talk with you and help you accelerate!


Aaron Sandeen

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