Uplifting Your .NET Legacy!

February 22, 20210

Legacy .NET Framework Apps Got You Down?

Are you sitting on some old .NET Framework apps and dreading when and how you’re going to upgrade them? You’ve heard that Microsoft declared .NET Core is the Future and they will only provide minimal help moving forward for your old apps!


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an automated tool that would help you port your old .Net Framework apps to .NET Core?


Well, you just might be in luck!  AWS just announced the Porting Assistant for .Net.  The Porting Assistant for .NET helps you analyze and port your old .NET Framework apps to .NET Core running on Linux!  This assistant assesses both the app source code and the full tree of public API & NuGet package dependencies to help you identify incompatibility issues to help your  developers.

AWS Porting Assistant for .NET (image courtesy AWS)


3 Steps to Update to .NET Core (and the future!)

We’re not trying to make it sound too simple but here’s the high-level process:


  1. Scan your old .NET Framework apps
  2. Review the Assessment Report
  3. Use the Porting Assistant for .NET to start porting


Who knows what you’ll find when you start looking through your apps?  Hopefully your upgrades are as easy as 𝛑!  But we all know that’s not always the case and that’s where the assessment report and the assisted porting really help!


Upgrading Apps is Better With Friends

Why upgrade all your old apps all by yourself when you can do it with friends?  Yes, we’re being a little cheeky here but seriously, Zuggand is an AWS Advanced consulting partner focused 100% on helping people like you modernize using AWS.  We work extremely close with AWS to help customers accelerate cloud adoption and business innovation.  


The best part is, not only do we have the skills and experience to help you upgrade your legacy, we also have access to some very enticing funding programs directly from AWS!  So if you are ready to pilot the AWS Porting Assistant for .Net, reach out and let’s do this!


About Aaron V Sandeen

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We started Zuggand to help leaders accelerate cloud adoption & business innovation.  Our name, Zuggand, actually means Engine of Change!  We strongly believe change is an opportunity and a source of energy to drive valuable impact.


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