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Cloud is an immense force multiplier for driving business value!  It’s not a trendy fad or something you can sit by and wait for it to fade off into the sunset. Cloud isn’t just changing how you operate your IT systems – it’s the catalyst and fuel for disrupting every business and industry! These are definitely bold claims, but they are backed up by success story after success story of new businesses rocketing to success and existing businesses completely reinventing themselves!

Focus on Your Business
& Drive Alignment

Increase Security
& Compliance


Reduce Operational
& IT Risks

Optimize Costs
& Invest Intelligently

Ensure Reliable, Available,
& Scalable Services

Increase Agility
& Velocity

Beat Customer


Increase Competitive


Cloud is all about improving your business!  It’s all about increasing your agility, driving innovation, changing how you run your business and most importantly closing the gaps on what your customers expect! If you are just starting to explore what cloud can do for your business, or if you are focused on optimizing your operations, Zuggand has services and capabilities that help you accelerate your cloud adoption and business innovation!

Customer Expectations

The bar of what customers expect is continuously being raised and it’s harder and harder to keep up! Digital Transformation is simply understanding where your business is today, what your customer’s expect and bridging that gap as quickly as possible! You aren’t going to be able to do this without cloud capabilities!


Where it used to take months to order new hardware and have systems up and running, you can now accomplish the same work in minutes! Organizations are changing from delivering value to customers from once a year to multiple times a day. It may sound extreme, but this is completely understating the agility that cloud can begin to enable in your organization.

Innovate Business
& Operating Models

With your new found agility, it becomes easier to innovate how you do business. Leveraging advanced computing capabilities has never been easier and combining these capabilities to create innovative business models can lead to new customer value and revenue streams for your business.

Operational Excellence

Leveraging the scale of cloud providers like AWS significantly reduces your operational risks.  You can quickly increase business continuity, reduce your operational issues and free up critical resources to focus on driving value!

Intelligent Investments

Moving to cloud financial models enables financial transparency and more informed investment decisions.  Modernizing your infrastructure and applications drives efficiencies and reduces costs.  These savings can free up your key resources and money to drive additional innovation!

Accelerate Cloud Adoption & Business Innovation

So how do you accelerate your cloud adoption & business innovation?  Focus! Figure out where you are and create an action plan!

Zuggand has broken the cloud journey into the following four parts:

Cloud Journey & Services
Assess & Mobilize

Get your organization ready to accelerate your cloud adoption! Quickly complete your readiness assessment, application & software discovery and business case for leveraging cloud capabilities.  Architect and implement your core infrastructure, networking and security.  Enable your workforce with new skills they need. Develop comprehensive migration plans and new operating models.

Assess and Mobilize Chart
Migrate & Modernize

It’s time to get in the cloud! Leverage best practices & tools to accelerate your migration into AWS.  Lift and shift where it makes sense, prioritize specific workloads to rearchitect and modernize to reduce costs and drive value.
Optimize & Operate

One key best practice is to continuously optimize!  Follow the AWS Well-Architected Framework to review Security, Costs, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Operational Excellence.  Adopt a cloud native or cloud first methodology.  Automate operations and accelerate customer value delivery by implementing Agile DevSecOps.  Develop relationships with trusted partners to augment your organization where it makes sense.
Accelerate & Innovate
Light Bulb

Innovation is making ideas happen!  Focus on improving your culture of learning, experimenting and failing fast.  Reimagine your business and operating models.  Leverage innovative AWS capabilities like Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Data Lakes, Alexa for Business, Textract, Recognition, Pinpoint and 175+ others  to quickly deliver value.

Zuggand Cloud Accelerators

Our Cloud Accelerators are designed to help you get results fast!

Review Program

Are your critical workloads fully optimized for security & costs? If you are in AWS or thinking about moving into the cloud, then AWS Well-Architected Review Program is a no-brainer! This free assessment evaluates your critical workloads to identify critical issues and areas that need improvement so you can quickly become Well-Architected!  The best part of this program is AWS provides funding to help you remediate your critical issues.

Security & Compliance

Security is “Job Zero”, meaning that security comes before any other priority! Get your free CIS Benchmarks score and see how you compare to other organizations in your industry.  Your scorecard will show quick results for Identify & Access Management, Logging, Networking, Monitoring & more! 


Increase the speed and reliability of delivering quality capabilities to your customers. Simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.

Next Gen Managed Services

Zuggand strives to be your AWS trusted partner.  We have designed flexible solutions to align to your specific needs.  We can assist with anything from core infrastructure support, setting up and maintaining your DevSecOps processes to full end-to-end IT support.

AWS Cost Optimization
Lower Costs

Are your cloud costs increasing? We’ll help you with a free Cost Optimization Assessment and provide you with detailed options to significantly reduce your costs.  We leverage multiple strategies to fully optimize your architecture to meet your business needs.

Workforce Enablement & Training

Optimizing your business in the cloud requires new skills! Zuggand provides technical training with hands-on options to learn core AWS capabilities and how to apply it to your specific AWS environments.

Cloud Talent + Staffing

Are you looking for experienced AWS consultants to augment your team?  We have an amazing pool of talented AWS resources ready to help you. Whether you have short or long term needs we can help you.

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