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Secure your digital assets with RiskSense and Zuggand.

Reduce cyber risk across the entire attack surface with RiskSense.

RiskSense is a technology and services company that is transforming cyber risk management into a more collaborative and real-time discipline across a growing attack surface. The RiskSense Platform embodies the expertise and intimate knowledge gained from real world experience in defending critical networks from the world’s most dangerous cyber adversaries.

To stay ahead of cyber adversaries, RiskSense employs a deep bench of security researchers and collaborates via its Fellowship Program with leading IT and cyber security programs at New Mexico Tech, UC Riverside, and Carnegie Mellon University, among others.

RiskSense Security Partner

Zuggand is a Reseller and Consulting Partner for RiskSense products and services.

Zuggand has a deep understanding of the award-winning RiskSense platform and the services they currently offer.  Leveraging RiskSense, Zuggand helps their customers reveal cyber risks, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results.

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Why choose RiskSense?


RiskSense deploys their platform with time-to-value in mind. Unfortunately, too often security tools require tremendous implementation times. With RiskSense, you can be up and running within hours.

Intelligent Risk Analytics

The RiskSense Platform uses a contextualization engine and machine learning technology to drive risk-based analytics and prioritize remediation actions based on business criticality.

Built to Scale

The RiskSense Platform is being used by both medium and large organizations and its architecture accounts for the tremendous volume and velocity of data that need to be analyzed.