Our Approach

Let us be your engine of change.

Our Methodology

Zuggand leverages its Strategy – Culture – Services – Platform framework to empower its customers to ensure strategic alignment across their entire organization; define a culture of accountability and flexibility; analyze and redefine their core services; and leverage the optimal technology solutions to transform the business.


The first phase of our methodology involves gaining a deep understanding of your business.  This includes understanding what business you are in; what your mission and vision are; who are your customers; and what issues and risks are you currently facing.


The next, and most critical phase, involves defining your culture.  This includes understanding your people, skills, competencies, leadership, alignment, and appetite for change.


The third phase involves understanding the services you provide.  This includes an assessment of the applications you support; your current processes; governance models; and metrics.


And finally, we do an assessment of your technology.  This includes understanding your entire technology stack; what data you collect; and your security posture.


Our Values

Be Passionate, Be Humble

We are passionate about everything we do. We strive to be awesome, but also humble in our awesomeness.

Solve Big Problems

“Go big or go home” is our mantra. If we’re going to change the world, we can’t do it in a box. Or it better be a really big box.

Fail Fast, Fail Forward

We believe in a culture in which it is ok to take risks and fail, as long as you fail quickly and learn from your mistakes. Rinse and repeat.

Continuously Question & Learn

We foster a culture in which asking beautiful questions and continuous learning is mandatory.

Have Fun & Do Cool Stuff!

Simply put, we love to do cool stuff. Do we need to say more?

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