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January 18, 20210

This is the third part of the questions I get all the time regarding the best way to learn about the cloud and AWS.

Part 1: Learn AWS – How do I get started learning AWS?

Part 2: Hands-On Experience – How can I get hands-on experience?

The next question I get all the time (and one I ask myself almost every day!) is…

“How can I keep up with AWS?”


Here’s what I mean – I strongly believe that AWS is the most innovative company that has ever existed. Their entire operating model is built on the fact that today is Day 1 (that every day is the very first day they were in business).  They are obsessed with helping their customers be more awesome!  AWS structures their teams in “two pizza box” teams – meaning they have small, agile teams focused on innovating products.  They update and create new capabilities all the time!

So… How can we try to keep up with AWS?

Fantastic question!  Grab your learning running shoes because I’m going to share some of the many resources that you can tap into today!  The following is a list of some of the resources that I like to call “Keeping Up with Kiran” content.  Kiran is my business partner and best friend.  Kiran and I have worked together for over 12+ years now.  Kiran is absolutely brilliant and one of THE smartest people that I have ever met!  He’s a walking resource of all things technology.

Andy Jassy, AWS CEO – AWS re:invent Keynotes

Werner Vogels, CTO – AWS re:invent Keynotes

These keynotes are each a couple of hours long and you might think a bit dated.  But they are absolutely packed with key insights! Make some time and watch all of these!

Here are more that are shorter and timely!

AWS Blogs

AWS Podcasts

AWS YouTube Channels (& sub-channels)

These should definitely provide you with some solid resources to get started.  There’s a ton more that we’ll share later!

Aaron Sandeen

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