IoT & Analytics

Gain business insights by turning your assets into intelligent, digital devices.


Define your IoT strategy and approach focusing on business outcomes.


Accelerate learning by implementing an IoT Proof Of Concept (POC).


Gain valuable business insights via analytics and business intelligence.

Our Approach

Zuggand leverages its Strategy – Culture – Services – Platform framework to
empower its customers to ensure strategic alignment across their entire organization; define a culture of accountability and flexibility; analyze and redefine their core services; and leverage the optimal technology solutions to transform the business.

What separates Zuggand from other consulting firms is our commitment to being a force multiplier in the digital revolution.  At our core is the strong belief we can help organizations grow faster than they can on their own.  We believe the organizations with which we work are not just our customers; but instead are part of the Zuggand ecosystem of partners, all of which jointly collaborate and share in the value creation of new and existing markets.

Change is inevitable. Change is necessary. Change is our passion.

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