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March 16, 2020

Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, in their book Outside In, explain that we all think about experiences on three levels: Meets Needs, Easy and Enjoyable.

For example, sometimes if I’m really hungry I’ll eat a lukewarm grilled cheese sandwich (maybe even cold if I’m seriously hungry). If I’m in a hurry and there is a diner on the corner, I’ll pop in to grab a quick grilled cheese sandwich to go. Other times I will seek out gourmet cheese, on artisan bread, with freshly picked organic tomatoes (from the garden outside the window) in a hip new restaurant because I want to enjoy the entire experience with my best friends. These are three very different experiences.

As the digital customer champion for your organization, you need to be thinking about how your brand, services and products fit into this model. Who are your customers? What do they expect from you? Are you trying to meet their needs? Are you making it extremely easy for them? Or do you want to deliver a completely amazing experience that will blow their minds and that they will talk about for years?

Anybody hungry?

Aaron Sandeen

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