Definitely Dependent Maybe Addicted

Almost two years ago, Santa brought me a shiny new Google Nexus 6P phone for Christmas.  It’s a nice phone.  A really nice phone.  I love it a ton, but over the last five months the battery has gotten worse and worse.  It’s so bad that it barely lasts an hour now and forget it if I try to send out my daily snap on Snapchat.  Then it dies almost immediately every time.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is, on my awesome Nexus 6P phone, Google sent me an alert to this interesting article saying Google is offering Pixel XL as replacement to eligible Nexus 6P owners. For Free! Wow!  Sounds too good to be true. So I call Google and sure enough, they are!  Man am I happy.  I called them on Friday night right before going out to a party and they said they’d send me an email with all of the instructions.

Saturday morning I go check my email and read the instructions. The instructions say I have to ship my phone back (with pre-paid shipping) and then Google will send me a new phone.  They give me 14 days to get it in the mail to them.  My first thought was that this is a pretty inconvenient process.  Then the dread and panic started to really set in.  What am I going to do without a phone?  How long will it be until I get my new phone?

This may seem shallow and maybe I am.  But if you are anything like me, your phone is a huge part of your life.  It’s my alarm clock.  I got rid of my bedside alarm years ago.  It’s my only source of news and information.  I haven’t watched TV news or listened to any news on the radio in, well, years.  I use WhatsApp to reach out to my team and my customers first thing in the morning.  I use WhatsApp and / or Kik way more than I even use email.  I won’t even be able to use WhatsApp on my computer because it’s linked to my phone. Next I check my calendar to see what I’m doing and where I’m going today.  I listen to my Google Play Music while getting ready.  

I listen to Audible books while commuting to work or I jump on a conference call with my customers.  I love how I don’t even have to type in the conference ID anymore and my phone does it automatically.  I use MileIQ to track all my milage so I can be reimbursed (those miles seriously add up)!  I can easily average $30 and sometimes even $50 per day.  If I’m without my phone for 10 days that could be as much as $500.  Holy crap I could almost go get a new phone, or not because they all cost $1000 now.  

I use my phone to check documents, take notes, take pictures of whiteboard discussions, and so much more throughout the day.  I also use it as a mindless distraction when the meetings get insanely boring.  Hopefully while I don’t have my phone I won’t have go to a new customer office or to a restaurant that I’ve never been to because I don’t even know how to print a map anymore!  Ugh – printed maps!!!

I have alerts to remind me to pick up which kids from which location on what day.  My garbage probably won’t get out in time for the next who knows how long because it’s my phone that helps me remember.  It’s gonna get stinky in my neighborhood.  

I keep my grocery shopping list on Google Keep.  I have my shared honey do list on it to make sure my sweet wife is happy.  I have my meal planning list and recipes for what to cook for dinner.  I hope my Google Home still works without my phone because we listen to music while cooking and eating dinner.  How will I check my kids math homework without my calculator, browser and dictionary / thesaurus app? I’m definitely not smarter than my 3rd grader!

For heaven’s sake I can’t even turn on my smart Hue lights in my bedroom.  I’ll be in the dark, literally, for the next how many ever days.  And here is where my total panic sets in, how will I pass the time without Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Netflix!!!  I’m having a complete meltdown just writing this.

I can’t even log into any of the apps or websites that I use because I use LastPass to track all my passwords and it is setup to verify every time I login with my phone!  I even tried to disable it but LastPass is broken and I had to open a ticket with LastPass!

By my calculation it’s been 2 hours and 7 minutes since I dropped my phone at the USPS office.  I feel like I’m in the dark ages! How am I going to survive?

Definitely addicted!

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