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Prioritize vulnerabilities and reduce security debt with Cyber Security Works and Zuggand.

Secure your environment from cyber-attacks
with Cyber Security Works.

Zuggands works with Cyber Security Works to help reduce security debt and inherent vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure and code. Offering comprehensive vulnerability coverage from infrastructure to code.

Why Choose Cyber Security Works?

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CSW has a risk-based approach to VMaS – where they identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities. Results come from various scans, then take immediate measures to fix vulnerabilities prioritized for remediation.


Want to know how you could be hacked?
Know your security posture across your full stack network, cloud, applications, APIs, & mobile applications.



As a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), CSW performs full stack (infrastructure to code) scanning to verify vulnerabilities and help attain accurate compliance & comprehensive security with a streamlined process.

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