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Accelerate learning by implementing a Cloud-ready Proof of Concept.

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Deciding which applications to move to the Cloud can be especially challenging if your organization has hundreds of applications.  In order to gain support from leadership, you need to show the business value of the Cloud early in your journey.  Focus on scalability, security, and speed of delivering business capabilities.

As part of our Cloud Quickstart engagement, we work with your organization to identify and migrate an application as a Proof of Concept (POC).

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Cloud Quickstart POCs

What is a Quickstart Proof of Concept?

Many businesses know they need to move to the Cloud, but don’t know where to start.  There are concerns about injecting new technologies and processes into the organization, potential costs that are incurred when building out the new environment, and questions regarding which workload to move first.  Every organization has different levels of maturity and taking that first step, albeit a big one, can be daunting.

Working closely with your leadership team, we will help to establish a dedicated, cross-functional team to lead the POC.  The first step will be to determine the criteria used to determine the success of the POC.  Next, using our tools and templates, the team will determine a workload to migrate based on several criteria including size, strategic importance, complexity, dependencies, etc.  Simultaneously, we will assist your team in building out a non-production environment in the Cloud.  Finally, we will migrate the selected workload and ensure it meets the requirements of the POC.

Upon completion of the POC, we will meet with the business leadership team to review the results and determine next steps.

Standard Package

Our Standard Quickstart Proof of Concept package includes all the planning, designing and implementation steps necessary to migrate your first workload to the Cloud including:

  • Define Proof of Concept (POC) Criteria
  • Identify POC
  • Cloud Capabilities Review
  • POC Architecture
  • POC Implementation
  • Business Review
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