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CenturyLink is a global company that links businesses of all sizes: large enterprises, small- to medium-size businesses and government entities through their data, Internet, voice, managed hosting and cloud solutions. Businesses require advanced communication and computing solutions to strengthen their positions in today’s global markets.  They provide end-to-end solutions over their 430,000-mile global network, which includes more than 230,000 miles of domestic fiber. Their acquisition of Savvis, along with other hosting assets, positions CenturyLink as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for business.

Why Choose CenturyLink?



Maintaining Cloud environments requires specialized skills. CenturyLink’s experts are skilled in a variety of Cloud services including application migration, security, optimization and managed services.



With their deep knowledge of a broad range of industries, across both private and pubic sectors, CenturyLink has helped organizations around the globe transform their business.



CenturyLink accelerates IT modernization through their deep expertise and comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions to help you realize greater differentiation.

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