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Experience the power of AI and IoT with Callosum.

Callosum is an advisory firm that helps business leaders accelerate growth.  By focusing on alignment between innovation and the customer experience, they help their clients generate greater demand. Callosum’s mission is to make sure organizations are ready to take advantage of all the new opportunity arriving from Artificial Intelligence to the Industrial Internet of Things by co-creating a go-to-market strategy that generates sustainable demand.

Why Choose Callosum?

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Callosum’s team comprises of a hybrid of technical and creative talent with extensive industry expertise. From Creative Directors to CIOs, they have assembled a diverse mix of advisors that is uniquely qualified to address your go to-market challenges.



From local start-ups to global enterprises, Callosum helps clients gain an outside-in perspective so they can better understand the language of their customers and create a richer overall experience.


Callosum doesn’t deal in the theoretical. Their advisors have practical, hands-on expertise and are solely focused on helping clients find ways to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base.

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