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How Does a PM Transition from Waterfall to Agile?

How Does a Project Manager Successfully Transition from Waterfall to Agile? Many times we fall into comfortable habits and the Waterfall methodology

What Is a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

What Is a Cloud Readiness Assessment? Most business owners don’t know what a cloud assessment is, let alone how critical it can be when

Definitely Dependent Maybe Addicted

Almost two years ago, Santa brought me a shiny new Google Nexus 6P phone for Christmas.  It’s a nice phone.  A really nice phone.  I love it a

What the Heck is a Zuggand?

We get this question all the time – What the heck is a Zuggand?  Well, normal people ask us “Zuggand, that’s an interesting name, how’d

Pizza and Cloud

One of the easiest ways to define cloud is to compare it to pizza!  No, seriously!  You’ve probably already seen this but we’re surprised by

Moving to the Cloud: Your Cloud Packing Guide

Lesson #5 – Your Cloud Packing Guide Say you are selling your house and buying a new one. You probably aren’t going to take everything in

Moving to the Cloud: Deciding Which Applications to Move

Lesson #5 – Deciding Which Applications to Move   Deciding which applications to move into a cloud environment can be especially

Moving to the Cloud: Standardization & Documentation

Lesson #4 – Standardization & Documentation Part of the power of the Cloud is that organizations can increase the speed and accuracy of

Moving to the Cloud: What is “Technical Debt?”

Lesson #3 – What is “Technical Debt?” One challenge that often exists in moving to the Cloud is ensuring there are enough human

Moving to the Cloud: Some Lessons Learned (part 2)

Lesson #2 – Change in Culture It is imperative that all players involved understand that to take full advantage of the Cloud, you do want to

Vader’s Advice on Change

Change is hard, but fortunately for us we can all stand on the shoulders of great leaders to learn from them and not make the same mistakes.

Moving to the Cloud: Some Lessons Learned (part 1)

If you have done any research on the benefits of moving to “the Cloud,” you are aware that there are many advantages to the strategy.

Five Reasons Your CEO Should Make Social a Priority

The popular online technology encyclopedia, WhatIs.com defines Social Media Marketing (SMM) as “a form of Internet marketing that utilizes

What is myinfo.io?

At Zuggand, our passion for change led us to develop myinfo.io – a website that puts customers in control of their data and experiences. Over

Aspiring Chief Digital Officer

What is a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and why should you want to be one? Is this the hottest career path for the next 10 years or is this a total

What is a Digital Customer Experience?

According to Harvard Business Review , a Customer Experience (CX) is the quality of all of a consumer’s encounters with a company’s products,

Customer Experience Levels and The Grilled Cheese Journey

Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, in their book Outside In, explain that we all think about experiences on three levels: Meets Needs, Easy and

10 Steps to Digital Customer Experience

We have officially left the information age and moved on to the age of the customer. Information is plentiful and readily available to everyone (just

Why Your Brand Needs a DCX Champion

In today’s rapidly changing business world, it is either “change or be changed.” More than ever, customers are expecting

Personalization – From the Customer’s Point of View

Have you ever tried to look up the actual meaning of the word “personalization?” I did a Google search for it and the results were very

Setting Digital Expectations

We all have certain levels of expectations for everything! From how kids act when they are in a nice restaurant, to the thread count of sheets in a

Digital Transformation – Why start with DCX?

Digital Transformation can be defined as closing the gap between what your customers expect and what your organization can actually deliver. As