AWS Systems Manager

Gain operational insights and take action on AWS resources.

AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager gives DevOps professionals the visibility and control they need for their cloud and on prem infrastructure.  Systems Manager is a unified user interface used to view and control multiple AWS services and automate operational tasks across AWS resources.  

You can create your own logical groups of resources (Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon RDS instance, etc.) to make it easy to view operational data, monitor alerts and logs, patch servers, automate workflows and take action.  Systems Manager makes it easy to securely operate your infrastructure at scale.

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AWS Systems Manager

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What is AWS Systems Manager?

Key Benefits

Maintain Security and Compliance – AWS System Manager makes it easy to scan your instances against patching, configuration and custom policies.  Define your patch baselines, update anti-virus and enforce firewall policies. Remotely manage your servers at scale without manually logging int to each instance.

Easy to Automate – AWS Systems Manager makes it easy to automate maintenance and deployment tasks on Amazon EC2 and on-prem instances.  You can automatically apply patches, updates and configuration changes across any of self-defined groups. Start with predefined automation documents (tasks like stopping and restarting an EC2 instance) and then create custom automation for your specific needs.

Improve Visibility and Control – AWS Systems Manager groups make it easy to understand and control your resources. The Systems Manager dashboard lets you view detailed system configurations, operating system patch levels, installed software, application configurations, and other system environment details.  

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Zuggand has extensive experience in helping enterprises of all sizes leverage the power of Amazon Web Services. Our staff is certified in current AWS certifications and has experience in AWS services including EC2, RDS, EBS, Elastic IP, Route53, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, and more.

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