AWS's Massive Data Centers

April 15, 20210

Spend ten minutes to get a unique look inside AWS’s massive data center strategy. This is not an AWS video and is put together blending videos from multiple sources, but overall paints a pretty accurate picture of AWS’s approach so we thought we’d share it with you!


Watch the Video -> Inside Amazon’s Massive Data Center

If you have used the internet at all lately you have probably used AWS without even knowing it. There are so many companies running on AWS like Netflix, Disney, GE, and MANY more. AWS’s business model is to take other companies’ tech problems in the cloud and solve them. Through these services, AWS makes up 60% of all Amazon’s profits.


AWS is especially resourceful for startups in 2021. Startups don’t have to waste capital on buying their own servers when they can rent Amazon’s servers and scale as needed. You won’t have to worry about security because those servers are guarded more securely than your grandma’s chili recipe!


For AWS to maintain market dominance their data centers are not allowed to fail. Ever. For any reason. As such water, power, telecommunications, and internet links are all designed with full redundancy. And keeping all those servers, as many as 80,000 in a single data center running, requires constant monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity to prevent overheating.


It is said that AWS can easily double their size and make even bigger data centers. Despite this massive potential, Amazon is working on a finely calibrated scale. At a certain point, increasing the number of servers per center no longer lowers the incremental cost. Amazon sees that the current threshold is the right number. I mean, 80,000 servers that move 102 terabytes of data each second are pretty substantial.


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