AWS Internship / re:Engine(er) Program

Advance your career with AWS training.

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

The rise of cloud computing is profoundly changing the skill sets needed for success in modern technology environments. As more and more companies undergo strategic digital transformations designed to leverage the power of the cloud, they need IT staffers and leaders with the expertise to extract the best business results out of their investments in public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud approaches.

With the fast pace growth in AWS and its continuous innovations towards launching new services every day, there is a huge demand for AWS professionals. While this career is challenging and promising, getting the right guidance and AWS training helps you establish as a successful cloud consultant.

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What is this program about?

AWS Internship / re:Engine(er) Program is launched by Zuggand to educate students/engineers on the latest software development and cloud computing technologies. The re:Engineer part of the program is directed towards folks that are looking for a career change and want to learn about AWS skillsets.

With a bit of effort and discipline, you can become very proficient and the hands-on experience this program provides will aid in your learning journey. At the end of the program, you will truly gain a unique set of skills that will definitely help you with future career opportunities.


Why should I consider the program?

High Scope + Low Professionals = Huge Opportunity
With a robust market trends in Cloud Spending, the IT market is booming with cloud requirements, but there remains skill shortage as there are fewer number of skilled professionals who can fulfill the requirements. The International Data Corporation (IDC) and Microsoft have mentioned in their research that there are at least 14 million cloud computing jobs worldwide.

Jobs related to Cloud computing have seen a drastic increase over the last few years and Wanted Analytics published that there are around 18.2 million Cloud computing related jobs worldwide today.


What you will learn as part of AWS Internship/ re:Engine(er) program?

The program is designed to accommodate differing levels of experience. Participants will complete technical training classes led by Zuggand’s AWS certified staff and will gain hands-on training. Learning about Cloud computing, how to architect, design, and develop Cloud-based applications using AWS are a few. Participants will also learn how to set up new cloud environments using proven best practices and build applications using software development toolkits.

In addition to the technical training, Zuggand will support students with mentoring, soft work skills, and help in applying for job.


What is the value of AWS certification?

Amazon is continuously launching new AWS capabilities and there is a constant demand for the professionals who have a complete understanding of AWS with hands-on experience.  According to an IT services survey, the demand for AWS professionals is on the rise. Being AWS certified is an asset which has the right blend of theoretical knowledge with real-time experience is an excellent combination, thus making your certification extremely valuable in the IT market.


How does it work?

Register using the form on this page to express interest in the program and a member of the Zuggand staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Speak to a member of Zuggand’s staff to find out more about the program and let them know your interest if you are serious about pursing the program.

We consider the first class of the program as a “Taster Day” – meet the team, chat with other participants, get a little taste of what the program is and know us better in person. There is nothing that you need to do to prepare for this – just be yourself!


How long is the program and where will it take place?

This session is now closed but please fill out the form above and we will notify you when we are scheduling the next.

The program is 13 weeks long and will be held in-person at a chosen training facility in Phoenix, Arizona.


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Zuggand staff is offering support to Arizonans to help them start or revitalize their career in technology. The staff is dedicated to helping you to learn AWS skills, gain useful contacts in the industry, and start a fantastic career. Sound good?


What are the prerequisites to attend the program?

  • A working laptop with administrative rights on it.
  • An initial deposit – this is to to ensure that only serious students are part of the program.
  • Commitment to spend 5 hrs. every Saturday and 10 hrs. during the weekday.
  • Commitment to attempt the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certificate exam at the end of the program.


What if I don’t have any previous or knowledge experience of  technology?

No previous knowledge or work experience is required – it is purely around your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.


What happens after the program – will there be support to get a full-time job or paid contract after it?

While there is no guarantee of a job offer after the program completion, Zuggand might offer employment to those who have completed the training or introduce them to other companies.

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