AWS Cloud Optimization

Reduce costs by optimizing your AWS environment.

Is your Cloud Optimized?

Once you have begun migrating your workload to AWS, you then need to be thinking about how to best optimize cost management, service management, workload management, and enterprise services.  This “clean up” process will allow you more quickly reduce unnecessary costs and realize your return on investment sooner.

Also, AWS is releasing new services at an unbelievable pace and it can be difficult to keep up with new releases.  By continuously optimizing your environment via AWS Well-Architected Reviews, you can ensure you are taking advantage of the latest, and most cost-effective, AWS services.

As part of our AWS Cloud Optimization engagement, we work with your teams to determine if your environment is right-sized and whether there are capabilities you no longer need.

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AWS Cloud Optimization

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AWS Cloud Optimization

What is an AWS Cloud Optimization?

Once you have begun to migrate your workloads to AWS, it is important to begin getting the most out of AWS by reducing your overall footprint in terms of capacity, compute and services.  AWS is constantly providing new variations of its services and by assessing your actual needs, you can right-size your environment to cut costs even more.

Another critical part of optimizing your AWS environment is implementing best-practices in terms of cost control.  By implementing resource tagging, monitoring, alerts, and other native AWS capabilities, you can ensure your monthly spend does not spin out of control.

And finally, once you have determined your current needs, you can save more money by purchasing what are called “reserved instances”.  A reserved instance is essentially a reservation of a particular resource for future needs.  When you purchase reserved instances, you can take advantage of huge discounted pricing offered by AWS.  Although the savings depends on the resource you are reserving, as well as the length of the agreement, in some cases you can save up to 65% by using reserved instances.

Standard Package

Our Standard AWS Cloud Optimization package includes the review of your AWS environment, services, and workloads in order to get the most out of your AWS environment including:

  • Cost Control Analysis
  • Compute Analysis
  • Storage Analysis
  • Resource Right-sizing
  • Reserved Instance Management
  • Resource Monitoring & Alerts
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