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Eliminate network complexity with Aviatrix.

Networking is a foundational element of cloud computing and, should be as dynamic, scalable, and elastic as compute and storage.  Aviatrix provides software defined cloud networking solutions that simplifies connectivity to and within the cloud in a secure and scalable way. Aviatrix provides a modern cloud networking solution purpose-built for AWS. Aviatrix simplifies the way you enable enterprise site to AWS cloud, users to AWS cloud and cloud to cloud secure connectivity. Aviatrix solution requires no new hardware and deploys in minutes.

Why Choose Aviatrix?



Aviatrix solutions are centrally managed, point and click solutions that can be deployed in a matter of minutes.  They also include central dashboard monitors, displays and alerts link status and link latency for real time visibility of your network performance.



Built-in gateway redundancy supports hot standby and failover in seconds. The solution does not require a unique public IP address on the hub gateway connecting to each spoke gateway and there are no limits on the number of spoke VPCs can be connected to hub VPC.

Lower Costs


If hub and spoke VPCs are in the same region, encrypted traffic is routed over AWS peering, reducing network bandwidth cost by 10 times (as compared to AWS Transit VPC solution that goes over Internet with VGW for hub and spoke traffic).

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